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esj oman1Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Elizabeth.  I have been counselling for over thirty years and supervising for the last twenty five.  Over the years working with hundreds of people, I have noticed that any of us however strong may experience times of need: there can be that ‘one thing too much’.  I believe that we all have the capacity to change our lives for the better, and that as unique human beings we need different kinds of help and support at these times.  I enjoy offering my skills tailored for each person and every situation.

So whatever your need: for mentoring or supervision for work within a pressured profession, counselling in relation to issues in daily life, trauma therapy (EMDR) following single or multiple incidents or a desire to make changes in your life; please contact me to see how we could work together.


I work in four main areas:

Counselling and Psychotherapy:

for anyone who wants to move forward and is committed to working for change.  You may feel stuck at the moment and long to see a way through. You may just feel that you want to change direction at this stage in your life. This can be an opportunity for you to have someone alongside at this time.

Supervision and Mentoring:

for counsellors, supervisors & anyone in people-intensive work.  GPs and other health professionals, leaders in education – all who find that their work knocks them off balance and is unrelenting but discussions with colleagues are not helpful or may be part of the problem


for various issues that include trauma, PTSD, phobias, severe anxiety.  EMDR isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ but can be used in many situations where a talking therapy is not the whole answer.  Often the shifts that need to take place following patterns of reaction to trauma can be facilitated through the use of EMDR


in Human Social Functioning.  Over the last 35 years I have found that this approach can be really helpful: individuals have the opportunity to monitor the way they function and be helped to make positive choices about their lives through the use of a simple but sophisticated tool


Here we are in the second half of 2017 with all the uncertainty that this year continues to throw up.  Recently the terrorist attacks, the unexpected election results, major disasters and the looming nuclear threat in Korea   For many of us this can trigger our own uncertainty and insecurity about ourselves and the world around us.  Sometimes this can be a useful springboard to looking seriously at our lives, making changes and taking new steps for our future well-being.

Please browse my site and feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to help you.

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