What about you?

people silouetteWhat are you looking for?   What is your need?
There are so many reasons for thinking about having some counselling or therapy: I wonder what you are looking for and why you have come to this website.
You might have come to this page feeling just a little unsatisfied by the way your life is at the moment and not quite sure why.  Counselling may help to clarify what you need to change your life experience to a more positive one.

On the other hand you may be more definite: with depression, a sense of failure, feeling really stuck or unmotivated, in a difficult relationship or with a specific issue in your life that you know you need help to work through. Counselling offers the opportunity to move forward in these situations.  Sometimes when we feel stuck, it helps to have someone else skilled to help us to look at our situation from other angles. They might even help us to spot a way out!

Alternatively you may have recently experienced a traumatic event or been triggered to remember and be impacted by previous trauma in your life: counselling or psychotherapy along with EMDR may well enable you to put these traumas where they belong (in the past) to allow you to move forward and regain your joy in life.

I believe that we all have, within us, the ability to change.  I believe that of you too. It may be that circumstances have blocked you, others have stopped you or that you have blocked yourself.
If this is your experience, you can change your life and move forward: it is never too late.

Although there are many different ways in which I work with people, one of the approaches that I use, Human Social Functioning (HSF) has as its core the premise that people as having the capacity to turn their negative experiences into positive energy to make the changes needed to turn their lives around.  I often use the very helpful questionnaire that is part of this method, (the HSF scale): this can help you to look at your life – even the bits you haven’t thought of recently. This gives you the bigger picture of the whole of your current experience and it helps you to see yourself as a whole person and not just ‘someone who has ‘a ??? problem’.  The results of the scale can be plotted on a diagram so that you can see how your life looks as a whole. By visualising your positives and negatives, you may be able to see the next steps to take.

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