Do you feel Stuck? …Looking for a way out?…

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Is any aspect of your life holding you back?

You can feel stuck for all sorts of reasons, being in a relationship that has gone stale, a job that you feel is no longer right for you but you feel it is too risky to leave, trapped in a way of behaviour that you really don’t want to continue but not knowing how to make a healthy change.  You just feel so STUCK!  Often the opportunity to talk around the issue and the feelings associated with it with someone who has counselling skills, is there for you and can help you to look at things differently, can open up opportunities that you may not have noticed or felt were beyond you, and with their help and support, you are able to make safe life changes.

Or maybe life chugged on OK, but now you have reached a point where you feel that you need to make changes.

I can help you to review where you are and help you to identify the changes that you need to make and support you as you do so.

The end result!

The end result!