Coping with change?


Do you want to make life changes? …to move forward?

Change is a normal part of human life, from life’s natural age-related changes, such as aging, children leaving home, loss of employment, changing health. Nevertheless coping with change can be really hard.

Other changes may be associated with moving location, country, culture, home, work.  My own experience has involved moving cross culturally with all the extra pressures that this entails.  I have worked with several hundred clients: individuals, couples and families who have experienced such major life changes and helped them to choose good adjustment patterns.

Sometimes change is experienced as loss and feels very unsettling – even a bit frightening?


Adapted from: Hopson B, Adams J in Transition – Understanding and managing personal change Eds. Adams J, Hayes J, Hopson B,1976

I find this diagram helpful when understanding why change sometimes has such an impact . Where we have choice about a change, it can be less disturbing and where expect a particular change it is also usually less difficult to handle but as the diagram indicates the combination of unpredictability and lack of choice makes some changes very difficult and upsetting.  Some can be experienced as very traumatic: This can be true at all ages but, for instance, where parents may choose for perfectly good reasons to move to a different location, this choice if often not that of their children and they may have particular difficulty in adjusting.

 Is any aspect of your life holding you back?

Has life ‘chugged on’ OK, but now you have reached a point where you feel that you need to make changes .  I can help you to review where you are and help you to identify the changes that you need to make and support you as you do so.

Please remember that change also bring opportunity and possibilities and counselling can help to free this potential.