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Sometimes humans can help too


Support for Clergy, Ministers & Pastoral workers.

The role of a church leader whatever the denomination is pressured and expectations are often unrealistic.  Confidentiality in relation to pastoral needs is held as sacrosanct and it is often not appropriate to share other issues with colleagues or elders; and yet some of the shared confidences may have considerable impact, personally, emotionally, from a health perspective and within family relationships.  Who can offer support to deal with the effect which this intensive people work may have on the individual and his or her own relationships?  Sometimes, if not dealt with, this can result in a kind of  burnout or ‘compassion fatigue’. (more on Burnout & Compassion Fatigue)   

offer a safe confidential space to reflect upon and detach, where necessary, from the emotional aspects of the work that can accumulate and impact on daily life and the opportunity to monitor workload and find a healthy balance.

So if you are a minister/church leader – Who looks after you?

Who can you go to after a day when pressures of expectations have got to you:

  • Expectations of congregation, kirk session, vestry, presbytery, bishop, fraternal, elders, colleagues, society, wife, partner, family, children…?
  • AND your expectations of yourself: I should be able, ought to do ..

    Sometimes you just need to step outside and remember who you are and who you want to be

So who looks after you?

You have the added pressure of the confessional aspect of your role with confidentiality?

How does all that weight impact on you? Who understands, and who is there for you?

I offer a confidential consultancy/mentoring/supervision support, understanding from the inside:

  • As a counsellor and supervisor, I understand confidentiality issues
  • As a clergy-person, I understand the pressure of expectations
  • As a human being, I understand the uniqueness of each individual – you and your need!

Since 1983, I have been offering this kind of support for church leaders, clergy and missionaries through the agency, HeallthLink360 (Care for Mission) that I founded with my husband Mike .  I now bring that experience into my ongoing practice.