Counselling Supervision

For Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Accreditation Logo for Elizabeth S Jones

Accreditation Logo for Elizabeth S Jones

Supervision is a requirement for those in counselling, psychotherapy, and some other mental health disciplines.
Individual supervision is a confidential, contractual agreement where the practitioner meets regularly with another professional who has training in supervision, to reflect on client work, in a broad and slightly more distanced way from the counsellor-client encounter.  They meet for a structured session where the space is for the counsellor to reflect on specific issues as well as a more general overview; an opportunity to identify various aspects of work or relationship with particular clients that might be having an unhelpful impact on the counsellor or on the client.  The supervisor is alert to ethical and professional issues as well as the need to encourage healthy practice and work-life balance in the practitioner.  Most counsellors value the supervisory relationship as a space that is for them and their good.  In addition to individual supervision, some therapists enjoy group supervision where the experience of others is also valuable in learning and challenge.


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Practicing members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) are required to have supervision for at least 1.5 hours a month. Students and trainees must have it at a rate of one hour for every eight hours of client contact.  All counsellors who are members of reputable professional organisations (BACP, COSCA, ACC, UKCP etc) are required to have sufficient professional supervision dependent on the number and complexity of workload.

As a senior accredited BACP supervisor, I offer individual supervision at all levels, from trainees to those working for accreditation, psychotherapists, supervisors and consultants. I am willing to supervise groups of counsellors where requested.