Therapy-articleJournal Articles

Playing with Children of War, Therapy Today, 2006, Vol 17,
Issue 7.  E S Jones

Strangers & exiles: part 1, Carer & Counsellor, 1993, 3, 30-35. E S Jones & M E Jones

Strangers & exiles: part 2, Carer & Counsellor, 1994, 4, 32-37. E S Jones & M E Jones

Academic writing

2008, MPhil Thesis, Use of the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning within the context of the Edinburgh International Health Centre, University of Wales, Bangor.

Conference Papers

2009, A Prospective Study Monitoring the Cultural Adaptation of Vocational Voluntary Workers with the Human Social Functioning scale, Seventh International Conference on Travel Medicine, Budapest, Hungary, E S Jones, S J Simpson, D Haile.

2009, Predictors for the Functioning of Voluntary Vocational Candidates for Work in Cross Cultural Locations from Initial Psychological Assessment, Seventh International Conference on Travel Medicine, Budapest, Hungary, E S Jones, T Santa, S J Simpson.

1997, The Heimler Scale in the routine debrief of expatriate missionaries, unpublished paper, Fifth International Conference on Travel Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland, International Society of Travel Medicine. E S Jones & M E Jones.

1996, Enhancing missionary debrief, in Caring for the missionary into the 21st Century (ed. M E Jones), Berwick Upon Tweed, Care For Mission, 21-29.

1982, Proposal for whole-person care of missionaries, unpublished document, Edinburgh, Care for Mission. M E Jones, & E S Jones


2012, Manual in Human Social Functioning, S Regis, ed. & re-written E S Jones

2010, Survival in Society, E Heimler, ed. E S Jones

2002, A Small Journey in Faith, Edinburgh, Edinburgh International Health Centre, E S Jones & M E

Professional work outside UK

2004, Uganda, Therapeutic play and recovery work with child refugees of the Lord’s Resistance Army approximately 100 children in tented camp).

2003, Romania, Stress training for YWAM staff workers

2002, Pakistan, Critical Incident Stress Debrief with staff & students in Murree School following Al Qaeda attack

2001, Denmark, Mission East Summit for personnel staff on handling trauma & emergency Critical Incident Stress Debrief